Section results are in alphabetical order, and are published shortly after adjudication. Please scroll down.


Individual 2 dimensional art work

Class 1 Pre-School

No Entries

Class 2 Reception

1st Certificate –Evie T., Arden Forest Infant School,

2nd Certificate  –George, Arden Forest Infant School

3rd Certificate  -Martyn, Outwards Primary School        

Certificate of achievement

Poppy Clark, Outwoods Primary School

Evan, Arden Forest School

Class 3 Year Group 1

1st Certificate  –Grace Clancy, St John Vianney Catholic School

2nd Certificate  –Freddie Punshon, St John Vianney Catholic School

3rd Certificate  –Laila,Stockingford Primary School

Certificate of achievement – Aiden Wong,Stockingford Primary School

Class 4 Year Group 2

1st Certificate  & The Junior Francis Fawcett Award-Tilda Joy Bessey, Outwoods Primary School

2nd Certificate  –Lucie Riley, Outwoods Primary School

3rd Certificate  –Alexandra Moise, Outwoods Primary School

Certificate of achievement – Emily Redshaw, Arden Forest Infant School

Class 5 Year Group 3

1st Certificate –Noah Wiles, St John Vianney Catholic Primary School

2nd Certificate & Age Concern Plate -Martha Moore

3rd Certificate –Evan Povey, Outwards Primary School

Class 6 Year Group 4

1st Certificate   Keith Borthwick, The Canons CofE Primary School

2nd Certificate  Joshua Lake, St John Vianney Catholic School

3rd Certificate –Olivia Cuesta Tkaczyk, The Canons CofE Primary School

Class 7 Year Group 5

1st Certificate Lexie Amies, Outwoods Primary School

2nd Certificate Alitza Greenwood, The Canons CofE Primary School

3rd Certificate  Silvia Tuga, St John Vianney Catholic School


Class 8 Year Group 6

1st Certificate “Lost” by Sharne Badesha The Canons CofE Primary School

2nd Certificate  ‘The Rain Forest’ by Morgan Roberts, Stockingford Primary School

3rd Certificate  Kian Jones, Stockingford Primary School

Class 9 Year Group 7


Class 10 Year Group 8

Class 11 Year Group 9

1st Certificate Joseph Busby

Class 12 Year Group 10

Class 13 Year Group 11


Class 14    16 – 18 years old

1st Certificate & The Junior Art Shield – ‘Warped’ by Daniella Spencer, King Edward College

2nd Certificate  ‘Decay of my Mind’ by Kayleigh Gower, King Edward College

3rd Certificate   ‘Memories 2’ by Sophie Leedell, King Edward College

Certificate of achievement  ‘Anthony Exley’ byKirsty Rattray, King Edward College

Class 15 Pre-school

Class 16 Reception

Class 17 Year Groups 1 & 2

Class 18 Year Groups 3 & 4

Certificate of Achievement Year 2, Stockingford Primary School

Class 19 Year Groups 5 & 6

1st Certificate & The Cawthorne Cup –‘Cogs’ by Mrs Brown’s Class Year 5 Stockingford Primary School

2nd Certificate-‘Cogs’ by Mrs Doyle’s class Year 5 Stockingford Primary School

Class 20 Year Group 7 – 11

Computer aided design

Class 21 Reception, Years 1 & 2

Certificate of Achievement –Dylan Tallis, Outwoods Primary School

Class 22 Year Groups 3 – 6

Class 23 Year Groups 7 – 11

Graphic Design

Class 24 Year Group 7 & 8

Class 25 Year Group 9 – 11

Class 26   16 – 18 Years Old

Individual 2 Dimensional Art Work Over 18 Years Old

Class 27 Free Subject Choice

1st Certificate ‘Unst Sunset’ by Pam Hyams

2nd Certificate  ‘My Old Coat’ by Roger Wakefield

Class 28 Landscape

1st Certificate & The Madeline Vowles Trophy –Ashness Bridge’ by Alan Dennis

2nd Certificate  ‘Winter’s Chill’ by Hilary Minns

3rd Certificate  ‘Safe Harbour’ by Margaret Usher

Certificate of achievement    Sneatcha by Jon Morrisey

Class 29 Seascape

Joint 1st Certificate  ‘Exmouth’ by Nadine Shaw, ‘The Old Wooden Groyne’ by Hilary Minns

3rd Certificate  ‘Evening Stroll’ by Brian Lewis

Certificate of achievement –‘Orkney Coastline’ by Mike Smith

Class 30 People at Work

1st Certificate –‘Party Time ‘by Mike Smith

Joint 2nd Certificate – ‘Another Rehearsal’ by Brian R Lewis; ‘The Cruise’ by Alan Dennis

Certificate of achievement –‘Helping Dad’ by Nadine Shaw;  ‘Dambuster’ by Mike Quinn

Class 31 Portrait

1st Certificate & The D Wilson Trophy  -‘Distortion’ by Emily Kate Mullis

2nd Certificate – ‘Angel of the Rocks’ by Rachel Shirley

3rd Certificate  –‘Tristessa’ by John E Morgan

Certificate of achievement –‘Arabian Knight’ by Roger Wakefield

Class 32 Still Life

Class 33 Animals

1st Certificate & The Moira Healy Memorial Trophy & The Diamond Anniversary Cup –‘Harrowing’ by J.W.Williamson

2nd Certificate  -‘Working Collie’ by Lesley Ryan

3rd Certificate  –‘Daniel the Spaniel’ by Lesley Ryan

Certificate of achievement –‘Wolf and the Man’ by Ryan Malpas

Class 34 Fantasy

2nd Certificate – ‘Leafy Horse’ by Kathryn Bell

Class 35 Plants & Flowers

Joint 1st Certificate & The Arthur Wheeler Memorial Trophy –‘Hydrangea’ by Maureen Grant; ‘Wedding Bouquet’ by Margaret Usher

3rd Certificate ‘Wallflowers’ by Mike Smith

Class 36 Miniatures (under 8 x 10cms)

Class 37 Watercolours

1st Certificate & The Ann Robson Memorial Trophy  ‘Castell Cock’ by Angela Holland

2nd Certificate -‘George Eliot’ by Tony Cashmore

Joint 3rd Certificate   –‘Midwinter Chill’ by Ken Minns; ‘Cottage on Stour’ by Alan Dennis

Class 38 Pastels

1st Certificate & Senior Francis L. Fawcett Award ‘Hyacinth’ by Lin Goodwin,

Certificate of Achievement –‘Wild Dining’ by Lin Goodwin

Class 39 Illustration for a story for very young children

1st Certificate  & The Thomas Worthington Brown Cup- ‘Katie’s Magic Teapot’ by Rachel Shirley

2nd Certificate –‘Let there be light in darkness’ by Ms Carolyn Mallard

Class 40 A local feature town or country

Class 41 Computer aided design

Class 42 Drawing

1st Certificate ‘All Ready To Go’ by Roger Elsegood

Certificate  of Achievement –‘Play That Tune’ by Jean Brady

Class 43 Abstract

1st Certificate & The Warwickshire Miners Trophy ‘Deep in Conversation’ by Keith Busby

2nd Certificate  ‘Four Seasons’ by Patricia Ann Jones

3rd Certificate  ‘Field II’ by Allan Charlesworth 

Class 44 Townscape

Joint 1st Certificate – ‘The Office Lunchbreak’ by Alan Dennis; ‘Brandon Estate’ by Maggie Bruce-Konuah

3rd Certificate –‘Oxford’ by Roger Elsegood, 

Certificate of Achievement –‘Sheffield’ by Catherine Wilson; ‘Take a Seat’ by Jean Brady; ‘Stromness’ by Sue Underhill; ‘Robin Hoods Bay’ by Ken Minns

Class 45 Mixed Media

1st Certificate – ‘Mandala’ by Sabeeha Malek

2nd Certificate – ‘Vault’ by Roger Eastoe

3rd Certificate– ‘Mr Sinatra’ by D Latty



Class102 – 3rd Davy Bird

Class 103 1st + Kath Lines Trophy- 

Class 115 1st Carolyn Mallard , 2nd Carolyn Mallard 3rd Carolyn Mallard C/A Carolyn Mallard


Class 119 – 3rd  Megan Dumbleton

Class 122  1st + Helen Stringer Memorial Trophy – Pat Chinn 2nd Krystyna Wells 3rd Gill Bromley C/A Sheila Chaplin


Class 129 – 1st Christine Healey – 

Class 140 1st + Ken Whittingham Award–  

Class 144 – 2nd  – John Lines

Class 146 2nd  – John Healey

Class 151   2nd  Sylvie Bird 3rd  Sylvie Bird

Class 154 – 1st  – Modwena Humphreys

Class 156 1st  Teegan Boon 2nd  Ellen Cullinan  3rd Lauren Jenkins

Class 157 1st Becky Davis 2nd Caroline Kavanah 3rd Dawn Brock Ashworth

Class 160 1st Modwena Humphreys 2nd Modwena Humphreys 3rd Modwenna Humphreys

Class 162 1st + Ann Robinson Memorial Trophy- Jill Mustin

Class 166 – 1st + Diane Guest Award –Christine Healey 2nd Christine Healey 3rd Christine Healey





Class 501-1st+ Daniel Haddon Cup – Nancy Bradley 2nd Nancy Bradley 3rd- Kathryn Lines

Class 509-Kate Busby 

Class 520 -1st – Elmesthorpe Craft Group

Class 521 -1st Dorothy Lines   2ndDorothy Lines 3rd- Ellen Vealey C/APamela Neave

Class 524 -1st- Kathy Espin 2nd Elaine Sutton 3rd- Ann Cope  C/A –Jayne Wilson

Class 525 1st +  Dress Cup –Diane Frampton-Pick 2nd – Diane Frampton Pick 3rd Val Wells

 Class 531-1st-Val Wells

Class 535-1st+Knitting Trophy C M Barnes 2nd Maggie Holdsworth 3rd-  C M Barnes 

Class 538-1st-  Rosemary Peel 

Class 538a – 1st- C M Barnes & Rhona Robbins

Class 5391st- Rosemary Peel

Class 541 -1st – Jill Mustin 2nd – Rosemary Peel 

Class 546 –1st-Dorothy Lines 2nd Elaine Sutton

Class 548 -1st+ The Soroptimist Cup – June Copeland 2nd –June Copeland 3rd June Copeland

Class 548 – 1st+ The Inner Wheel Club of Bedworth Needlework Shield CM Barnes




Class 101




Class 102





Class 103




Class 104





Class 105



Class 106


Class 107


Class 108






Class 109


Festival Cup – 9 & Under


The Reading Cup – 10-15yr olds


Pirrie Salver- Novice Class


Val Reading Shield – Runner up to Best in Show


Lady Rose Shield – Best in Show




CLASS 600 -1st –  Lily Jones  2nd –Grace Hill

CLASS 601 – 1st – Evie Parkes  2nd – Charlotte Tizick, 3rd Corbin Phillimore              C/A –Theo Hughes, Lily Williams, Lujana Sheikh

CLASS 602 – 1st-Phoebe Holdaway, 2nd-Lily Taylor 3rd- Rory Darlaston                   C/A-Mollie Rose Ashfield, Ben Tibbitts, Ruby Wilson

CLASS 603 – 1st-Brennan Evans, 2nd-Grace Norton, 3rd – Kieran Brown         C/A- Preston Munday,  Charlie Hobbs

CLASS 604- 1st –Thomas Evans, 2nd- Noah West 3rd-Adam Haigh                             C/A-Malachy Edwards, Esha Atwell, Lauren Makepeace (also awarded The George Eliot Trophy)


CLASS 610 – 1st-Ava Hands – 2nd- Ashton Drinkwater

CLASS 611 – 1st –Lucy Rudd

CLASS 612 -1st – Lana Greenwood, 2nd Lainee-Grace Hope Webb 3rd Daniel Sherwood      C/A-Haris Patel, Chloe Jordan, Alice Jones

CLASS 613 -1st –Olivia Boneham, 2nd Ella James 3rd Ruby Hodgkinson Cross C/A Heidi Batt

CLASS 614 -1st + Christina Jayne Cup –Aoife Caldwell-Barker 2nd Zayd Patel, 3rd Emily Atkins C/A Emily Fisher, Evie Hunt, Aaqib Ul-Haq, Violet Wrigley

CLASS 615- 1st + Harry Branston Award – Max Burdett, 2nd Alice Parkes 3rd Grace Parsons, C/A Lauren Makepeace


CLASS 621 A – DIARY Y2-1st – Oliver Watson, 2nd Mia Bottrill, 3rd Grace Sutton C/A Katie Topp, Louie Button, James Coop

CLASS 621 B – DIARY Y5- 1st + Non Fiction Award -Finlay Prosser 2nd Tilly Downes, 3rd Lianne Szeszycka C/A Phoebe Tomes

CLASS 621 C – DIARY Y6 – 1st –Naomi King, 2nd May Harbison, 3rd Ben Hardy

CLASS 621 D – Leaflet Y4 – 1st Caitlin Dumbleton

CLASS 621E – Leaflet Y5 – 1st – Oliver Taylor

CLASS 621F- Newspaper Article Y6 -Saffi Bradbury


CLASS 622A –

CLASS 622B – 

GEORGE ELIOT TROPHY –Lauren Makepeace Class 604

DRACHENDALE CUP – Impressive Story writing –Weddington Primary School

EVA RUSHTON REPLACEMENT TROPHY- Impressive Poetry – The Canons Primary School


Class 630 1st + Albert F Cross Award -Chloe Farenden-Sharp , 2nd -Courtney Lee, 3rd Lydia Iverson C/A Maisy Deakin

Class 632 + 1st Robert Sloan Cup -Peter Stocker 2nd =Pat Bidmead+ Diane Lindsay 3rd Corrine Wilson, C/A – Tony Cashmore, Hilary Hopker, Sue Tompkinson

Class 633 1st =Richard Doran + Peter Stocker, 3rd = Elizabeth Draper C/A Diane Lindsay, Sue Tompkinson

 Class 636 C/A Emily Fisher

Class 638 1st Christine Foxon, 2nd Paul Smith, 3rd Hilary Hopker

Class 639 1st +George Eliot Fellowship Trophy -Richard Doran 2nd Ian Collier 3rd Catherine Wilson

Class 640 1st Peter Stocker 2nd Hilary Hopker C/A Sue Tompkinson

Class 641 1st Diane Lindsay 2nd = June Bradley + Ian Collier C/A Hilary Hopker, Cynthia Jones, John Lowe, Carolyn G Mallard

 Class 642 1st + Stella Branson Trophy – Peter Stocker, 2nd Pat Bidmead, 3rd Catherine Wilson

 Class 643 1st Richard Doran  2nd Hilary Hopker 3rd Peter Stocker C/A Sue Tompkinson

Class 644 1st = + Jeff Veasey Trophy –Pat Bismead + Peter Stocker 3rd = Richard Doran + Paul Smith

Class 645 1st + George Eliot Cup -Peter Stocker, 2nd Diane Lindsay, 3rd Pat Bidmead

The Adjudicator’s choice overall – The Endeavour Cup – Diane Lindsay




Class 200 – under 10yrs- 1st – David Bird “Family History”; 2nd -Davey Bird “Window”; 3rd- Jemma Cutts “Stags at Bradgate Park”

Class 201- under16yrs-1st -Madison Marsh “10 past 7” ;2nd Megan Higginson “After the Frost”; 3rd Kia Upperdine “Through the Clouds”;  Certificates of Achievement- Snow Wong “Heavy Eyed”:and Callum Whitehall “Washed Up”

Class 202 under 18yrs-1st Shinika Williams “Like a Model”; 2nd -Shinika Williams “Freedom”; 3rd – Jade Tomes-Morgan “Peace”.


 Class 206 -under 18yrs -No Entries

Class 207 -over 18yrs –1st – Melvyn GH Gunn”The London Eye Cyclist”; 2nd – Darren Chadwick “Swan Lake”; 3rd Sue Mustin “Century Girl”; Certificates of Achievement- Rex Coleman “Brough M/C”


Class 208-free choice –1st – Darren Chadwick “Grace” ; 2nd- Ken Walker “Whoosh”; 3rd -Paul Stokes “London Bridge at Night”; Certificates of Achievement – Ann O’Toole “Robin”; and Mike Arthur ” Ups and Downs of Life”

Class 209-Landscape-1st – Gerald Sanders “The Pier and the Boat”; 2nd -Ken Walker “Corfe Castle”; 3rd Gerald Sanders “The Barns”; Certificates of Achievement – G Sanders “Castle Stalker at Sunset”; and Joe Oldaker “Manifold Valley in Early Spring”

Class 210-humour-1st- Melvyn G H Gunn “Let’s Go Honey”; 2nd -Kathryn Bell “I am the Walrus”; 3rd – Joe Oldaker “A Sticky Moment”; Certificate of Achievement – G Day  “Nuff Said”.

Class 211- action- 1st – Paul Stokes ” Successful Catch”; 2nd Neil A Sebright “Flat Out!”; 3rd – Gillian Day “No Spots on Them”. Certificate of Achievement – John Sheldon ” In a Flap”.

Class 212-Still Life-1st -Kathryn Bell ” Never Too Late”; 2nd – E Upton “Rose Water”; 3rd- Neil A Sebright “Fuschia Fade”; Certificates of Achievement – Rebekah Mason ” A Flower Speaks 1000 Words”; and Rehana Malek ” Spring Bouquet”.

Class 213 -Autumn/Winter-1st – Gary Lloyd “Snowy Marketplace”; 2nd- Ken Walker “Autumnal Colours” ; 3rd – Robert Eales “Nature at it’s Best”; Certificate of Achievement – Sue Mustin “Sobriety”

Class 214 -Street Life-1st – Melvyn G H Gunn ” Paris Roller Police”; 2nd Mike Arthur “Dropping Off”; 3rd – Alan Butler ” The View”; Certificate of Achievement – Robert Eales “A Typical Goan Street”.

Class 215 – Black and White-1st -Darren Chadwick “Jessica”; 2nd – ChrisBaker “Sunset Silhouettes”: 3rd – Neil A Sebright “Birdman”; Certificates of Achievement- Melvyn G H Gunn “Lillen”; Tracy Mair “Hawks Eye” and Gary Lloyd “The Farmers Arms”.

Class 216 – Animal Life-1st – Paul Stokes “Last Gasp”; 2nd – Chris Baker “Kite in Flight”; 3rd – G Day “Best Foot Forward”;certificates of Achievement- Chris Baker “Bird of Prey”; and Chris Baker “Heron Carefully Catching Perch”

Class 217 -Portrait-1st – Darren Chadwick “Robbie”; 2nd -Neil A Sebright “Sally Von D”; 3rd- Paul Stokes “Cheetah Watching Prey”; Certificate of Achievement- Rebekah Mason “Rosie & Humphrey”.

The Inner Wheel Club of Bedworth Junior Photography Trophy- Classes 200-206 – Madison Marsh “10 past 7”

The Festival Shield – Classes 207 -217  – Paul Stokes “Last Gasp”

The Riversley Cup -Class 213 – Gary Lloyd “Snowy Market Place”

The Anker Cup -Best Overall entry in all classes -Darren Chadwick “Robbie”





Class 400 Piano Solo 8 years and under

1st (and Frederick Hubert Wilcox Memorial Trophy): Cezary Cybulski

2nd: Jeremy Jiayu Lin

Class 401 Piano solo 10 years and under

1st (and Ettie Spencer Memorial Cup): Christopher Gibson

=2nd: Danny Zhang-Robinson and Samuel Lau

Class 402 Piano solo 11 years and under

1st (and Kenneth Haynes Memorial Cup): Joseph Pap

2nd: Jenny Lin

Class 403 Piano solo 12 years and under

1st (and Junior Award) : Jenny Lin

2nd: Ben Aitchison

Class 416 Family piano duet open

1st (and David Williams Rose Bowl); Christopher and Huw Gibson

2nd: Lauren and Ann Bale

Class 404 Piano repertoire 12 years and under

1st (and Philip Daffern Cup): Jenny Lin

Class 406 Sonatina class 14 years and under

1st (and Joan Hall Sonatina Cup): Jenny Lin

Class 415 Piano duet (under 18)

1st (and Junior Duet Award): Christopher Gibson and Samuel Lau

2nd: Matthew Sirman and Luca Ciao

Class 405 Piano solo 14 years and under

1st (and Inner Wheel Challenge Award) Isaac Denness

2nd: Jenny Lin

Class 407 Piano solo 16 years and under

1st (and Junior Challenge Award): Matthew Sirman

2nd Arjan Johal

3rd: Luca Ciao

Class 408 Piano repertoire 16 years and under

1st (and Janet Hughes Memorial Trophy): Jennifer Hu

Class 409 Piano solo 18 years and under

1st (and Phyliss Mary Beasley Memorial Cup): Jennifer Hu

Joan Hall Piano Trophy for the highest mark in classes 405, 407, 408 and 409

Winner: Jennifer Hu  

Class 418 Composition

1st: Julia Plumptre

2nd: Alan Burbidge

3rd: Tamsin Murphy

Class 417 Piano duet (open)

1st (and Carolyn Tailby Cup): Anne Collard and Ian Roy

Class 413 Piano solo open own choice:

1st (and Listers (Chemist) Cup ): Ian Roy

2nd: Anne Collard 

Class 411 Piano solo Bach own choice

1st (and Bach Shield): Ian Roy 

2nd: Anne Collard 

3rd:Richard Abel

Class 412 Piano solo own choice sonata

1st (and Senior Challenge Award):Tamsin Murphy

The Dr and Mrs Plester Memorial Fund Award for the most promising competitor 16 and under

Winner: Jenny Lin

The Janet Hughes Award for most promising performer (any age):

Winner: Jennifer Hu


Set Poetry

300    The Juvenile Cup

  1. Savannah Bentley-Showell

                                    j2. Kianna Naik & Oscar Hill

  1. Jessica Cole

301                             The Foundation Cup


  1. Mia Clarke
  2. Alyssa Beasley

                                    j3. Isla Kendall & Lola Cuthbert

302                             The Noel Kelly Cup

  1. Will Coley
  2. Evie Cunningham

                                    j3. Ethan Burke & Rhian Wilbur

303                             The Clarence Cooper Cup


  1. Carys Mountjoy
  2. Austin Mitchell
  3. Isla Millership

304                             The Christabel Burniston Cup

  1. Arham Ahmad

                                    j2. Johnny Young & Mya Sokhi

  1. Jack Batten

305                             The Harry Branston Rotary Cup


  1. Patrick Cross
  2. Sophia Hudson-Lawless
  3. Millie Boddy

306                             The Boulter Cup

  1. Charlotte Stoney
  2. Laura Gent

                                    j3. Scarlett Hubbard & Matthew Bluff

307                             The George Bliss Cup

  1. Charlotte Mantle
  2. Karan Thomas

                                    j3. Millie Boulton & Alice Bennett

308                             The Alice Hughes Memorial Cup

  1. Millie Hanson
  2. Erin Broadhurst
  3. Georgia Roberts

309                             The Nuneaton Trophies Cup

  1. Elizabeth Whitby
  2. Kira Moore
  3. Phoebie Bakewell

                                                      Poetry (excluding humorous poetry) Own Choice

310                             The Margaret Alison Helps Cup

                                    1.Evie Cunningham                                   

311                             The Kathleen Ganley Memorial Cup

  1. Olivia Barry
  2. Georgie Richardson                                

312                             The Eric William Cox Trophy

  1. Laura Gent
  2. Matthew Bluff
  3. Patrick Cross

313                             The Caster Cup

  1. Millie Boulton
  2. Dylan Barden-Marshall
  3. Evie Chappell

314                             The Sterling Metals Cup

  1. Amber Flower
  2. Erin Broadhurst
  3. Millie Hanson

315                             The Kingscote Cup

  1. Ophelia Charles
  2. Eleanor Hodgson
  3. Phoebie Bakewell

                                                                        Humorous Poetry

316                             The Suzanne Ovens Trophy

  1. Mia Clarke
  2. Hermione Colden
  3. Isla Kendall

317                             The Michelle Ovens Trophy

  1. Charlotte Emmett
  2. Laetitia Cursham
  3. Aiofe Jackson

318                             The Jan Hollis Memorial Trophy

  1. Johnny Young

                                    j2. Sophia Hudson-Lawless & Owen Wright

                                    j3. Harry Cursham & Ptolemy Walton-Halford

319                             The Annette Ovens Trophy

  1. Maisie Wharton
  2. Charlotte Stoney
  3. Erin Reynolds

320                             The Tricia Ovens Trophy

  1. Erin Broadhurst
  2. Kathryn Penrose
  3. Eleanor Reddan


                                                      Choral Verse Speaking

322                             The Mary Ann Evans Cup

  1. Milverton Year 2
  2. Pattisons Upper Infants
  3. Crackley Hall

323                             The Meredith Cup

  1. Milverton Year 5
  2. Milverton Year 4
  3. Pattisons Upper Juniors

341                             The Speech and Drama Award

  1. Pattisons Year 8                 

                                                      Shared Poem for Two Speakers

324                             The Wilson and Stafford Cup

  1. Georgie Richardson & Alex Malcolm
  2. Evie Cunningham & Daisy Arman
  3. Will Coley & George Duguid

325                             The Sarah Washington Cup

1.James Cox & Ronnie Sullivan-Robinson

2.Summer Houston-Earl & Isabella Morris

3.Laura Gent & Charlotte Stoney

326                             The Hamilton Cup

  1. Erin Broadhurst & Georgia Roberts
  2. Alice Bennett & Millie Boulton
  3. Ella Moss & Sarah Gent

                                                      Prepared Prose Reading

327                             The Middleton Cup

  1. Nishita Srinivas
  2. Vivaan Srinivas

                                    j3. Nomonde Musoko & Ibrahim Ahmad


328           The Das Shield

  1. Alexander Malcolm
  2. Mya Khela
  3. Myles Hellwig

339                             The Westlyn Award

  1. Leo Moss
  2. Isabella Morris

                                    j3. Mya Sokhi & Ptolemy Walton- Hayfield

329                             The Martin Thompson Cup

  1. Maisie Wharton
  2. Erin Reynolds
  3. Manaal Fatimah

330                             The Leigh Riddell Cup

  1. Olivia McCabe
  2. Zoe Trotman

                                    j3. Molly Carey & Daniel Gittins

331                             The Stafford Cup

  1. Erin Broadhurst
  2. Phoebie Bakewell
  3. Kira Moore

332                             The George Eliot Anniversary Cup

  1. Ophelia Charles

                                                         Reading At Sight

333                             The Ann Symonds Cup

  1. Nishita Srinivas

334                             The McClaren Cup

  1. Maisie Wharton
  2. Emily Fisher
  3. Lola Dudkowsky

335                             The Davis Cup

  1. Millie Boulton
  2. Cassy Delbusso
  3. Alice Bennett

336                             The Ben Kingston Cup

  1. Eleanor Hodgson
  2. Millie Hanson

                                    j3. Erin Broadhurst & Ophelia Charles


351                             The Mildred Lester Cup

  1. Pattisons Junior Drama Club

352                             Nuneaton Old Edwardians Dramatic Society Shield

  1. Pattisons Senior Drama Club

361                             The Drama Academy Award

  1. Evie Cunningham

362                             The P.L. Morris Shield

  1. Mille Hanson


371                             The Cunningham Cup

  1. Harrison Willmott
  2. Jack Batten

                                    j3. Charlotte Emmett & Sophia Sawyer

372                             The Green Room Studio Cup

  1. Freya Moore

                                    j2. Harry Hincks & Leah Chamberlain

  1. Bethany Blencowe

373                             The Shires Trophy

  1. Amie Shipley
  2. Cassy Delbusso
  3. Petra Nordal

374                             The T. J. Norton Cup

  1. Millie Hanson
  2. Olivia Finch
  3. David Knight

375                             The Drama Studio Cup

  1. Ophelia Charles
  2. Elizabeth Whitby

381                             The Brookes Trophy

  1. Ophelia Charles
  2. Elizabeth Whitby

                                    j3. Phoebie Bakewell & Eleanor Hodgson

391                             The Drama Cup

  1. Morgen Belcher & Elissa Buckley


393                             The Bowler Cup

  1. Eleanor Reddan & Amber Flower


394                             The Mann Cup

  1. Millie Hanson & Lily Barnes
  2. Eleanor Hodgson & Owen Garner



The prizewinners of the Woodwind, Strings & Brass Section held at Chilvers Coton Parish Hall, Nuneaton on Saturday 13th May are as follows:

CLASS S.721 : Diamond Anniversary Cup : String Solo (Not Guitar) (Under 18 Years)

  1. Avni Kant

CLASS S.743 : Sister Hilda Cup : Guitar Ensemble (3-10 Players, Under 12 Years)

  1. St Josephs Guitar Ensemble
  2. Race Leys Guitar Ensemble
  3. The Canons Guitar Ensemble

CLASS S.735 : Diamond Anniversary Trophy : Guitar Solo (Under 12 Years)

  1. Jamie Hewitt

CLASS S.722 : The Hyson Green Commemorative Trophy 1907-2017: String Solo (Not Guitar) (Open)

  1. Avni Kant

CLASS B.762 : Leake Cup : Brass Solo (Under 15 Years)

  1. Emily Parker
  2. Ruby Jordan

CLASS B.763 : The DA Greenway Trophy : Brass Solo (Under 18 Years)

  1. Bethany Funnell
  2. Flo Jordan

 CLASS B.764 : Nuneaton Borough Band Cup : Brass Solo (Open)

  1. Michael Taylor
  2. Claire Parker

 CLASS B.766 : Ivy Davis Cup : Brass Duet (Under 15 Years)

  1. Emily Parker and Ruby Jordan

 CLASS B.768 : The John Wing Memorial Trophy : Brass Duet (Open)

  1. Flo Jordan and Michael Taylor
  2. Felix Clayton and Rob White
  3. Emily Holden and James Maunder (Certificate of Achievement)
  4. Ruby Jordan and Angus Jordan (Certificate of Achievement)

 CLASS B.772 : The Hartshill Anniversary Trophy 1935-2015 : Brass Ensemble (3-10 Players, Open)

  1. Bulkington “Virago” Quartet
  2. Bulkington Brass Sextet

 CLASS B.775 : The Chapel End Centenary Trophy 1914-2014 : Brass Band (11-40 Players, Open)

  1. Bulkington Silver Band

The winner of the Vera Kendrick Trophy for the most promising performance in the strings section was Avni Kant.

 The winner of The Marlow Family Trophy for the most promising performance in the brass section was Bethany Funnell.