Section results are in alphabetical order, and are published shortly after adjudication. Please scroll down.


Individual 2 dimensional art work


1st – Goldilocks – Iris Nedelea  Certificate of Achievement – Baby Bear – Braydon Douglas


1st Certificate –In the Style of David Hockney – Evan Runcis 

2nd Certificate  –Winter – Cerys

3rd Certificate  -In the style of Romero Britto – Niamh Allen    

Certificate of achievement-Oriental Blossom – Blake Harvey

Class 1 Year Group 1

1st Certificate  and Junior Art Shield – Self Portrait- Ruby Bibby, Outwoods School

2nd Certificate  –“Starry Night” – Lilly Mills, Outwoods School

3rd Certificate  –Self Portrait – Lexi Ann, Outwoods School

Certificate of achievement – 

Class 2 Year Group 2

1st Certificate  & The Age Concern Plate-“Snow Queen” – Georgina Matthews

2nd Certificate  –“Watercolour Bird” – Alfie Ramm ,Outwoods School

3rd Certificate  –“Winter Trees” – Leah Cheshire , Outwoods Primary School.

Certificate of achievement – “Aslan” -Harrey Cressey

Class 3 Year Group 3

1st Certificate – “Oriental Lady”-Kaden Wright, Outwoods Primary School

2nd Certificate  -Still Life Flowers – Karina Greenwood, Canons C of E School

3rd Certificate –Wolf at Night – Ethan Haigh, Canons C of E School

Certificate of Achievement –African Elephant – Nancy Sheperd, Outwoods primary School.

Class 4 Year Group 4

1st Certificate   –Georgia O’Keefe Poppy- Joshua Passey, Outwoods Primary School

2nd Certificate  –Viking – Amelia Brodziak

3rd Certificate -Viking Warrior – Joseph Pugh, Outwoods Primary School

Certificate of Achievement –Egyptian Cat – Ava Shaw, Outwoods Primary School.

Class 5 Year Group 5

1st Certificate & Junior Francis L Fawcett Award –Abstract Spots – Davy Bird

2nd Certificate –Van Gogh – Megan Barton

3rd Certificate  Chinese Dragon – Imogen Ward, Outwoods Primary School

Class 6 Year Group 6

1st Certificate –Joseph Goebbdo – Thomas Cleaton, Canons C of E School

2nd Certificate-Japanese Lady – Lexie Amies, Outwoods Primary School

3rd Certificate  –Dig on for Victory- Peyton Reid, Canons C of E School

Class 7 Year Group 7

Class 8 Year Group 8

Class 9 Year Group 9

Class 10 Year Group 10

Class 11 Year Group 11

Class 12    Year Group 16 – 17 years old

Class 13Year Group 17-18yrs

GROUP WORK – 2 Dimensional 

Class 14 Pre-school- 

Certificate of Achievement

– Aliens – Betsy Downs, Cameron Cartledge, Oscar Whitmore

-Aliens – Erin Aldrich, Amelia Hall, Emily Chapman,

-Aliens – Lana Jacques, Jacob Roberts, Ava Close

Class 15 Reception

Certificate of Achievement –Fruit Faces – Canons C of E Primary

Class 16 Yr Groups 1+2 

1st & The Cawthorne Cup –Winter Trees – Poppy and Isla P

2nd – Seasons – Delilah Lewis-Host, Mollie Peabody

3rd –   Sunset-Year 1 + 2 Art Club , Canons C of E Primary

Certificate of Achievement –Space – Harvey Isamond, Anna Pannell

Class 17 Year Groups 3 & 4

Certificate of Achievement –Eagle Collage -Alisha Masters, Leighton Griffiths, Evie Spencer


Class 18 Year Groups 5 & 6

1st Certificate 

2nd Certificate-

Class 19 Year Group 7 – 8

Certificate of Achievement-The Titanic – Samuel Kind

Class 20 Year Groups 9,10,11


Class 21 Year Groups 3 & 4

Class 22 Year Groups 5&6

Class 23 Year Groups 7 &8

Class 24 Year Group 9,10,11

Certificate of Achievement – ‘Gotta Catch ’em All’ – Sylvie Bird

Class 25  16 – 18 Years Old


Class 26  Reception+ Yr groups 1+2, 

Certificate of Achievement – Princess – Isla Carlberg

Class 27 Yr Groups 3+4


Class 28 Yr Groups 5+6


Class 29 Yr Groups 7+8


Class 30 YR Groups 9,10 +11


OVER 18’s

Class 31 Free Subject Choice

1st Certificate & The D Wilson Trophy  -Boudicea Warrior Queen – Rebecca Dyde

2nd Certificate – Riding Companions – Melvin Gunn

3rd Certificate  – IN Fields of Gold – Jospeh Williamson

Certificate of Achievement –Heartbeat- Ryan Malpas

Class 32 Landscape 

1st Certificate & Senior Francis L Fawcett Award –Himalayan Monastery – Alan Dennis

2nd Certificate-Fishermen’s Cottages – Ken Minns

3rd Certificate –Dead Tree – Rachel Shirley

Certificate of Achievement– Slievenamon- Jon Morrissey

Class 33 Seascape 

1st Certificate & The Moira Healy Memorial Trophy –The Pilot Boat – Peter Witcomb

2nd Certificate  -Hove To – Brian Lewis

3rd Certificate  -Storm from the West -Allan Charlesworth

Certificate of achievement -18th Century Dutch Fishing Vessels – Graham Harris 

Class 34 Townscape

1st Certificate-Pulteney Bridge Bath – Roger Elsegood

2nd Certificate – Coffee at Pickering -Jim Kirkwood

3rd Certificate –Lisbon – Alan Dennis

Class 35 A local feature- Town or Country

1st Certificate & The Arthur Wheeler Memorial Trophy + Museum Centenary Cup –A Visit to Nuneaton Art Gallery – Maureen Grant

2nd  Certificate-Long Street Atherstone – P Whitcomb

3rd Certificate –Speeding Past Mancetter-Tracey Swain

Class 36 Still Life

Certificate of Achievement – The Resurrected Christ – M Spencer

Class 37 Plants and Flowers 

1st Certificate & The Ann Robson Memorial Trophy- Sunflowers – Carol Nicholas

2nd Certificate -Flowers – Maureen Spencer 

Class 38 Portrait

1st Certificate –Steve Mc Queen -Roger Elsegood

2nd Certificate – Matabele Lady – Alan Dennis

3rd Certificate – Sky Blue Ted – Jacqueline Hall

Class 39 People in Situ

1st Certificate  & The Thomas Worthington Brown Cup- Rachel – Keith Busby

2nd Certificate-Celebrating Olympic Gold – Melvin Gunn

Class 40 Animals

1st certificate & Stan & Beryl Thompson Memorial Trophy- Kingfisher Strike – Roger wakefield

2nd Certificate –Morning Light – Joseph Williamson

3rd Certificate –Leopard -Melvin Gunn

Certificate of Achievement –Walking the Dog – Maureen Grant

Class 41 Fantasy 

Certificate of Achievement – Eclipse – Rachel Shirley

Class 42 Miniatures


Class 43 Abstract

1st Certificate & Warwickshire Miners Association Cup -Warzone – Roger Eastoe

2nd Certificate –At the Foot of the Mountain – Keith Busby

3rd Certificate – Repetitive Pots – Ryan Malpas

Class 44 Water Colours – no other media

 1st Certificate – Porlock – Jim Kirkwood

2nd  Certificate –Garibaldi Glacier – Alan Dennis

3rd Certificate-Sundown – Brian Lewis

Class 45 Pastels -no other media 

1st Certificate – Bearded Man – Heidi Kind

2nd Certificate – ‘Woman’ after Modigliani – Angela Holland

Class 46 Oils – no other media 

1st Certificate – After Chaos -Paul Loughran

Certificate of Achievement – The Sax Player – Pete Witcomb

Class 47 Mixed Media

1st Certificate – Plantinum mandela- Sabeeha Malek

2nd Certificate – Celebration – Pam Hyams

3rd Certificate – Art Factory – John Morgan

Class 48 Drawing

1st Certificate -Superdry – Becky Tebbett

2nd Certificate – Witherly Church – Mike Smith

Class 49 Book Illustration

Certificate of Achievement –Alice – Pam Hyams

Class 50 Computer Aided Design

Certificate of Achievement –70th Celebrations – Melvin Gunn

A – Celebrating 70years

70th Anniversary Trophy –Celebration – Pam Hyams



Class 102 – 1st – Jasmin Okeh + Helen Frimpong 2nd – George Shemmans + Kian Wheeler 3rd – Jaden Whitmore + Tyler James  C/A Megan-Rose Shaw + Jessica 

Class 107 – 1st – Carol Bradshaw

Class 110 –  1st  – Aston Austerberry  2nd Chephirah Ruddock

Class 115 – 1st -Elaine Sutton

Class 117 – 1st- Emily  Bulpitt

Class 118 – 1st Charlotte Bulpitt  2nd – Emma Tung  3rd Charlotte Bulpitt C/A Emma Tung

Class 122  1st –Pat Chinn 2nd –Anne Taylor  3rd -Debbie Squires C/A –Sam Parkins C/A -Corrine Davies

Class 125 – 1st – Goodyers End Primary School 2nd –Caitlin Dumbleton

Class 134 – 1st –Sylvie Bird

Class 146- 1st + Ron Hardy Trophy – Tony Cote


Class 150 – 1st- Caitlin Dumbleton  

Class 154 – 1st + Fred Bradnock Trophy – Carol Bradshaw (Wedding ) 2nd Carol Bradshaw ( Bird House) 3rd – Modwenna Humphreys

Class 156 1st -Lily May Toon (No 12) 2nd – Ellys Gooderidge (No 34) 3rd – Jessica Panton (No 15) C/A – Chloe GIlbert ( No 17) C/A – Archie Reader No (22)

Class 157 1st + Leake Cup – Dawn Harvey 2nd – Jan Shorter (Multi) 3rd – June Copeland C/A- Becky Davis C/A- Jan Shorter (Brown)

Class 160 1st – Carol Bradshaw( Love) 2nd – Maureen Bates  3rd – Modwenna Humphreys C/A –Carol Bradshaw (Expanding Card)

Class 162 1st –Modwenna Humphreys (Parchment Box) 2nd –Modwenna  Humphreys(Robin on a Bough )

Class 164 1st + Joyce Nixon Award-Mavis Spring

Class 166  1st + Ann Robinson Memorial Trophy- Maureen Bates

Class 168 -1st – Lily Rose Powell  2nd– Jayden Carey  3rd – Jasmine Spencer

Class 169 – 1st + 70th Trophy-(Junior) Megan Dumbleton

Class 172 – 1st -+ 70th Trophy (Adult)Jill Mustin



Class 501-1st+ Daniel Haddon Cup –Kate Busby 2nd – Jill Mustin 3rd Ellen Vealey C/A Elaine Davenport 

Class 502 – 2nd Roxana Gosciniak Camp Hill Primary School

Class 509-1st Kate Busby 2nd Elaine Sutton 3rd Jane Wilson C/A Ann Taylor

Class 510 – 3rd Goodyers End Primary School

Class 514 – 3rd -Lynda Gambrill

Class 516 – 1st –Yvette Emmett 2nd -Diane Mc Dermott 3rd- Marion Ridsdill C/A- Diane Frampton- Pick

Class 518 – 1st Rosemary Peel

Class 519 – 2nd Charlotte Bulpitt 3rd Emma Tung

Class 521-1st Yvette Emmett 2nd – Pam Neave 3rd – Yvette Emmett C/A –Ellen Vealey C/A Linda Barney


Class 525 1st +  Dress Cup – Diane Framton-Pick

Class 525 A- 1st- Charlotte Bulpitt

Class 526 – 1st- Pam Neave

Class 527 1st+ the Junior Cup Charlotte Bulpitt 2nd Holly Dobbin 3rd Emily Bulpitt C/A Emma Tung 

Class 532-1st-Gail Stock 2nd Max Johnston 3rd Diane McCullough

Class 535-1st+Knitting Trophy- Diane Frampton-Pick 2nd Jill Mustin 3rd Linda Barney C/A Maggie Holdsworth & Elaine Davenport 

Class 537-2nd –Diane Mc Cullough  

Class 538 – 1st-Sue Beech 2nd- Sue Beech 

Class 541 -2nd –Rose Marie Peel –  

Class 543 –1st+ The Soroptimist Cup – –Jill Mustin

Class 544 1st – Ruth McCluskey 2nd Lesley Girvin

Class 551 -1st + 70th Anniversary Cup- Rosemary Peel 2nd Rehana Malik




FLORAL RESULTS 2018 coming May 2018

Class 101




Class 102





Class 103




Class 104





Class 105



Class 106


Class 107


Class 108






Class 109


Festival Cup – 9 & Under


The Reading Cup – 10-15yr olds


Pirrie Salver- Novice Class


Val Reading Shield – Runner up to Best in Show


Lady Rose Shield – Best in Show




CLASS 600 –

CLASS 601 –          

CLASS 602 – 

CLASS 603 –

CLASS 604- 


CLASS 610 – 

CLASS 611 – 

CLASS 612 –     

CLASS 613 –

CLASS 614 -1st + Christina Jayne Cup –

CLASS 615- 1st + Harry Branston Award –



CLASS 621 B – DIARY Y5- 1st + Non Fiction Award

CLASS 621 C – DIARY Y6 – 

CLASS 621 D – Leaflet Y4 – 

CLASS 621E – Leaflet Y5 – 

CLASS 621F- Newspaper Article Y6 


CLASS 622A –

CLASS 622B – 


DRACHENDALE CUP – Impressive Story writing –



Class 630 1st + Albert F Cross Award

Class 632 + 1st Robert Sloan Cup

Class 633 1st 

 Class 636 C/A 

Class 638 1st 

Class 639 1st +George Eliot Fellowship Trophy

Class 640 1st

Class 641 1st 

 Class 642 1st + Stella Branson Trophy – 

 Class 643 1

Class 644 1st = + Jeff Veasey Trophy –

Class 645 1st + George Eliot Cup

The Adjudicator’s choice overall – The Endeavour Cup – 




Class 200 – under 10yrs- 1st –New Sink by  Davey Bird ; 2nd – Reflections by Davey Bird; 3rd- Tree of Christmas by Davey Bird

Class 201- under16yrs- 1st –A Shadow of Love by Hollie Birkin; 2nd – Kirkstone by George Ashby; 3rd- Snowdrops by Megan Dumbleton; Certificate of Achievemnt- Lillie by Bryony Watson; Sticks after Andy Goldsworth by Joseph Busby

Class 202 under 18yrs-


 Class 206 -under 18yrs -1st – Untitled by Chris Boult

Class 207 -over 18yrs – 1st – Remembering Times Past by Alison James; 2nd – Coming Through  by Rex Coleman; Certificate of Achievement – Hobbit by Rebecca Amy Ensell


Class 208-free choice – 1st –Man and Machine in perfect Harmony; 2nd – Collision by Wayne Hemmings; 3rd – Jaocbite Steam Train at Glenfinnan by Paul Stokes; C/A Venetian Backwater by Gerald Sanders ; A Pollen Mission by Chris Baker; Untitled  by Talhah Shaikh; Orange Drops by JohnSheldon

Class 210-humour- 1st – A Birds Eye View by M. Hathway ; 2nd – Oh Noooo by Melvyn Gunn; 3rd – The Birdie Song by Ann O’Toole;

Class 211- action- 1st – Lillen At The Seaside by Rebecca Amy Ensell; 2nd – Banana Bridge by Michael E Norman C/A Opeation Pollination by Sue Mustin

Class 212-Still Life-1st – Spotted Feather by Chris Wiltshier; 2nd – Sweet Memories by David Parr 3rd – Hellebores Galore by Bill Collins C/A Stripped Bare by Rebekah Mason; Bottles by Alan Butler

Class 213 -Autumn/Winter-1st – Icy Isolation by Robert Johnston; 2nd –Winter, Hartshill Hayes by Rebecca Dyde; 3rd –Almost Home by Rebekah Mason; C/A – The Blaze of Autumn by Joe Oldaker; Busy Bee by John Sheldon

Class 214 -Street Life-1st – Feeding Time by Alison James; 2nd –Weathering the Financial Storm by John Sheldon 3rd- West Riding by Ian Bishop C/A- Street Entertainment by Anthony Mann: Untitled by Zach Eastoe

Class 215 – Black and White-1st – The Dark Stones of Calanais by Robert Johnston; 2nd- Knot in Flight at Snettisham by Paul Stokes 3rd – Piano Man by Darren Chadwick; C/A Brotherswater Tarn by Gerald Sanders; Dandelion Clocks by Neil A Sebright

Class 216 – Animal Life-1st – Autumn Harvest by Alison James ; 2nd- Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Chris Wiltshier; 3rd – The Seal by Elizabeth Mayne; C/A Osprey Morning Catch by Paul Stokes ; Tasty Break-full by Gillian Day

Class 217 -Portrait-1st – Untitled Laura Plant; 2nd- Red Squirrel by Paul Stokes; 3rd Smokin by Neil A Sebright C/A – The Little Flower Girl by Gerald Sanders; Becki Bubbles by Melvyn Gunn.

Class 218 – We Are 70 – 1st – The Chancel in St Mary’s Atherstone – M Hathway; 2nd – Window on the Past by Joe Oldaker; 3rd – Flying Scotsman by Melvyn Gunn

The Inner Wheel Club of Bedworth Junior Photography Trophy- Classes 200-206 – Hollie Birkin with ‘A Shadow of Love’

The Festival Shield – Classes 207-217 – Neil A Sebright with ‘Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony.’

The Riversley CupClass 213 –Rebecca Dyde with ‘Winter at Hartshill Hayes’

The Anker CupBest overall entry in all classes –Robert Johnston with Icy Isolation

70th Anniversary Trophy (To Keep) Class 218 –M Hathway with ‘The Chancel in St Mary’s, Atherstone.’

PIANO SECTION 2018 coming May 2018

Class 401 Piano solo 10 years and under

=1st (and Ettie Spencer Memorial Cup): Jeremy Lin and Danny Zhang-Robinson

Class 402 Piano solo 11 years and under

1st (and the Kenneth Haynes Memorial Cup): Samuel Lau

=2nd: Christopher Gibson and Jessica Zhao


Class 403 Piano solo 12 years and under

1st (and the Junior Award): Jenny Lin

2nd: Joseph Pap

Frederick Hubert Wilcox Memorial Trophy for competitor with highest mark in classes 401, 402 and 403              Awarded to: Samuel Lau


Class 414 Piano duet with teacher 12 and under


1st: (and Junior Duet Award): Reuben Athaide and Barbara Watson  

Class 404 Piano repertoire 12 years and under

1st (and Philip Daffern Cup): Diella Stephens

2nd: Flora Zhao

3rd: Samuel Lau

Class 418 Piano duet under 18

1st (and the Clifton Trophy): Christopher Gibson and Samuel Lau


Class 415 Family piano duet open

1st (and David Williams Rose Bowl): Christopher and Huw Gibson 

Class 406 Sonatina class 14 years and under

=1st (and Joan Hall Sonatina Cup):: Ben Ajtchison and Rebecca Clarke

Class 405 Piano solo 14 years and under

1st (and Inner Wheel Challenge Award): Rebecca Clarke

2nd: Jessica Zhao


Class 407 Piano solo 16 years and under

not awarded


Class 408 Piano repertoire 16 years and under

1st (and Janet Hughes Memorial Trophy): Lucy Steele

2nd: William Chen

Class 409 Piano solo 18 years and under

1st (and Phyliss Mary Beasley Memorial Cup): Matthew Sirman

2nd: Jenny Lin

Class 410 Piano repertoire 18 years and under

1st (and Joan Hall Piano Trophy): Matthew Sirman


Class 417 70th Anniversary Composition Class open

1st: Julia Plumptre 

2nd: Alan Burbidge

Class 416 Piano duet (open)

1st (and Carolyn Tailby Cup): Rebecca and John Clarke

Class 412 Piano solo open sonata:

1st (and Senior Challenge Award): Joanna Foote

2nd: John Clarke

3rd: Ian Roy

 Class 411 Piano solo Bach own choice

1st (and Bach Shield): Ian Roy


2nd: Joanna Foote

3rd: Alan Burbidge

Class 412 Piano solo own choice of music written during the last 70 years

1st (and Listers (Chemist) Cup and 70th Anniversary Celebration Trophy): Ian Roy

2nd: Joanna Foote

3rd: Alan Burbidge


The Janet Hughes Award of £50 for a competitor showing outstanding potential:

Winner: Diella Stephens


SPEECH AND DRAMA SECTION 2018 coming May 2018

Set Poetry

                                                      Poetry (excluding humorous poetry) Own Choice


                                                                        Humorous Poetry


                                                      Choral Verse Speaking         

                                                      Shared Poem for Two Speakers


                                                      Prepared Prose Reading


                                                         Reading At Sight






 The prizewinners of the Woodwind, Strings & Brass Section held at Chilvers Coton Parish Hall, Nuneaton on Saturday 12th May are as follows:

CLASS S.743 : Sister Hilda Cup : Guitar Ensemble (3-10 Players, Under 12 Years)

  1. Canons Guitar Ensemble
  2. Race Leys Guitar Ensemble
  3. St Joseph Guitar Ensemble

CLASS S.738 : Diamond Anniversary Trophy : Guitar Solo (Open)

  1. Nicholas Coates

CLASS B.760 : Ivy Davis Cup : Brass Solo (Under 10 Years)

  1. Elishah West

Class B.761 : Harold Johnson Challenge Trophy : Brass Solo (Under 12 Years)

  1. Nithin Moodley

 CLASS B.762 : Leake Cup : Brass Solo (Under 15 Years)

  1. Ruby Jordan
  2. Jessica Morris

CLASS B.763 : The DA Greenway Trophy : Brass Solo (Under 18 Years)

  1. Bethany Funnell
  2. Florence Jordan

 CLASS B.764 : Nuneaton Borough Band Cup : Brass Solo (Open)

Equal1. Chris Keach

             Michael Taylor

  1. Emily Holden

 CLASS B.768 : The John Wing Memorial Trophy : Brass Duet (Open)

  1. Bethany Funnell and Michael Taylor
  2. Michael Taylor and Chris Keach
  3. Chris Keach and Niall McGee

             CLASS B.772 : The Hartshill Anniversary Trophy 1935-2015 : Brass Ensemble (3-10 Players, Open)

  1. Bulkington Quartet (A)

 The winner of the Vera Kendrick Trophy for the most promising performance in the Strings section was Nicholas Coates.

 The winner of The Marlow Family Trophy for the most promising performance in the Brass section was Emily Holden.

 The 70th Anniversary Trophy, to be retained by the recipient, was won by Bulkington Silver Band