The syllabus is now published and can be found in some local libraries and shops as well as Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery from Friday 10th November.

Copies can be downloaded from this website  or you can contact the Publicity Officer by emailing [email protected]

Please note-
At the time of printing the 2024 syllabus we are unable to publish full details of the Art, Photography, Needlecraft and Craft sections due to the proposed refurbishment of Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery.
In the event that the museum is unable to host these events next year, we are looking at alternative arrangements.
If you entered one of these sections last year, your contact details will be on our mailing list and you will be sent details of any future arrangements made.
If you entered before 2023 or have not entered previously and would like your name on a mailing list please contact the Section secretary (see details in general syllabus) or the Publicity Officer email: [email protected] or Tel: 07454242648

We would like to hear from anyone who could assist with alternatives.
We will also put any updates on our website and Facebook page as and when they occur