Speech & Drama


This section gives an opportunity for all ages to perform on stage and receive professional adjudication. This is particularly helpful to school groups and those working for exams. It also gives amateur groups a chance to present their work, and for individuals to act, read, recite. Work with partners and to chorally speak.

Section secretaries

Mrs Carol Cottrell
S & D, 16 Winchester Avenue, Nuneaton CV10 0DS
Tel: (024) 76387375

E Mail: [email protected]

Assistant Secretary : Ms Jane Hanson Tel : 0755 222 5965

Speech & Drama Syllabus Download

Download the section syllabus here: Speech and Drama Syllabus.pub2018 (amended)(PDF format)
Electronic Entry Form S&D

To open the PDF file you may need to install Adobe Reader or for older/slower computers try instead the lightweight Foxit PDF Reader.

Each section syllabus includes the rules, conditions of entry, classes and other information. To download the full syllabus containing ALL sections, please see the full syllabus page.

Download Set Poems for Classes 300-309

Class 300 Under 6 years
Class 301 Age 6 years
Class 302 Age 7 years
Class 303 Age 8 years
Class 304 Age 9 years
Class 305 Age 10 years
Class 306 Age 11 years
Class 307 Age 12 and 13 years
Class 308 Age 14 and 15 years amended
Class 309 Age 16 years and over

Dates for the diary

Closing Date For All Entries:Friday 23rd February 2018
Competition Venues:Abbey TheatreMonday 30th April 2018
Abbey TheatreTuesday 1st May 2018
Salvation Army CitadelWednesday 2nd May 2018
Salvation Army CitadelThursday 3rd May 2018
Salvation Army CitadelFriday 4th May 2018

*70th Anniversary Trophy – To celebrate the Festival’s 70th Anniversary. See syllabus for details.