Volunteers Required

Due several members retiring or moving from the area, we are desperately looking for volunteers who could give up some spare time to help out.

Most of the work can be done in your own time in your own home, and there are 4 meetings in the evening each year, which you would be invited to attend. They are held locally at the Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre.

Some sections desperately need help with correspondance and other paper work (e.g. filling in names on certificates).  This is mainly during the months of March/ April or April/ May. Please telephone 07816953390 for more details.

When we have the competitions and presentations in April/May/June we also need people to be on the door, registering entrants, selling programmes etc. We operate a rota system and you can volunteer for any amount of time from ½ a day up to a whole week, to suit you.